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Do onE丿s pArt in Doing sth是什么意思

do one's part in doing sth 尽某人的一份力做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. How are you doing in your part time job. 你的兼职工作干得怎么样? 2. Thus excess saving in one part of the world has driven excess consumption in another. 因此,...

do one's part in doing sth 尽自己的职责在做某事 希望能帮到您

mind的用法是 mind doing sth , 动名词做宾语。 这里用my 做 doing sth 的逻辑主语,应该用形容词性的物主代词,而不用me这个宾格,这里不要要求mind带宾语。 假如是类似这样的句型,就可以用me, want sb to do sth, ask sb to do sth,这里sb就...

My mother took me in her arms and patted my head.

动词 insist 有两种用法 1、后接宾语从句。 如果表示主语个人的坚持认为,从句用虚拟语气 should do 或省略should 直接用动词原形。例如:My family insisted that I (should) not give in, but stay and fight. 家里人坚持认为我不应让步,而应...

sb do one's share of sth的中文翻译 sb do one's share of sth 某人做某人的某事

有 go on one's way in doing sth. 或 go one one's way to do something. 意思是:做事情时坚持走自己的路,不用考虑别人的议论纷纷。 参考1970s 美国乐队 Fleetwood Mac的经典专辑“Go on your own way”(走自己的路)

正确,尽力做某事 同义短语 try one's best to do sth

习惯表达是make up one's mind to do sth, 没看到有make up one's mind in doing sth.的表达形式。 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

on one's way to do sth 以某人的方式做某事 例句 1、Twenty people died on the spot and one on way to Kuqa People's Hospital. 二十人在现场,一路上库车人民医院去世。 2、Chinese Valentine's Day falls on Aug 23 and one way of spendin...


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