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givE onE's liFE to 的用法

give one's life to 献身于 1. give one's life to do 意思是“为……献出了生命”,give一定是过去时态, 如:He gave his life to save the boy. 2. give one's life to doing 意思是“为……奉献了一生”,give的时态不一定 如: He gave/gives his li...

give one's life to 献身于。。。。。 双语对照 例句: 1. What's one life compared to the planet? 一个人的生命怎么能和一个星球相提并论? 2. I will risk no one's life but my own. 除了我自己,我不会让任何人冒生命危险

前文应该是说这个人突然失去了手臂,那么面对两个选择,这句应该是翻译成:一种方式是放弃所有的梦想,而另一种是在没有双臂的情况下依旧活出精彩的人生。 希望能帮到你,励志小文章啊~~

only one(ALEX BAND)

选择 A. to save 解析: The soldier gave his life to save the student's life 中,to save the student's life 是 The soldier gave his life...

高中阶段常见带介词to的短语归纳如下: be/get/become used to 习惯于 I have been used to getting up early.我已习惯早起。 be given to 沉溺于 She is given to drinking.他爱喝酒。 be related to和…有联系…. His fear of people is deeply ...

in one·s life:在某人生命中,一般指某人具体时间,all one's life 意思是:终某人一生,一生伴随。比如说:1、I WANT TO FIND A GOOD MAN, WHO WILL BE MY MAN-MY LOVE IN ALL OUR LIFE。2、HE WORKED HARD ALL HIS LIFE

All one's life 意思是“一辈子,一生” all one's life 指一个人从出生到死或从出生到说话时为止的一段时间。life有单复数的变化。例如:My grandparents lived in the countryside all their lives.我爷爷奶奶一辈子都生活在农村。 I won't wait...

He lost his life 。他死了

这句话是:某人的人生在掌握之中,可以控制之中。being是说正在掌控之中。这句话是倒叙。改成顺叙是my life being incontrol


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