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givE onE's liFE to 的用法

to do 指“献出了生命”(做了一件事,由于这件事死了),to doing指“献出了一生”(平时经常做一件事)。

give one's life to 献身于。。。。。 双语对照 例句: 1. What's one life compared to the planet? 一个人的生命怎么能和一个星球相提并论? 2. I will risk no one's life but my own. 除了我自己,我不会让任何人冒生命危险

高中阶段常见带介词to的短语归纳如下: be/get/become used to 习惯于 I have been used to getting up early.我已习惯早起。 be given to 沉溺于 She is given to drinking.他爱喝酒。 be related to和…有联系…. His fear of people is deeply ...

前文应该是说这个人突然失去了手臂,那么面对两个选择,这句应该是翻译成:一种方式是放弃所有的梦想,而另一种是在没有双臂的情况下依旧活出精彩的人生。 希望能帮到你,励志小文章啊~~

only one(ALEX BAND)

in one·s life:在某人生命中,一般指某人具体时间,all one's life 意思是:终某人一生,一生伴随。比如说:1、I WANT TO FIND A GOOD MAN, WHO WILL BE MY MAN-MY LOVE IN ALL OUR LIFE。2、HE WORKED HARD ALL HIS LIFE

The soldier gave his life to saving the student's life 中,to 是介词,后面的 saving the student's life 是动名词短语,套用的是 give one's life to st...

All one's life 意思是“一辈子,一生” all one's life 指一个人从出生到死或从出生到说话时为止的一段时间。life有单复数的变化。例如:My grandparents lived in the countryside all their lives.我爷爷奶奶一辈子都生活在农村。 I won't wait...

He lost his life 。他死了


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