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do one's part in doing sth 尽某人的一份力做某事 造句: Just do your part in helping the homeless.

do one's part in doing sth 尽自己的职责在做某事 希望能帮到您

play a part in doing sth 参与某事;在某事中起作用;在某事中扮演某样角色

do one's part in doing sth 尽某人的一份力做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. How are you doing in your part time job. 你的兼职工作干得怎么样? 2. Thus excess saving in one part of the world has driven excess consumption in another. 因此,...

Should college students do part-time jobs? In many countries it is common for teenagers to take part-time jobs while they are still in high school,while in other societies this is virtually unheard of.In the latter situation,st...

take-part-in-doing 参加做。。。。 take part in [英][teik pɑ:t in][美][tek pɑrt ɪn] 参加…,参与…活动; 插脚; 厕; 预; 例句: 1. The community members who take part in the study circles. 参与这项研究会一部分工作的社区成员。 2. ...

Two mayors made a bet on the outcome of the Vegetable Bowl, the annual football game between their high school teams. If Arvada’s team lost, the mayor of Arvada would send the mayor of Boulder ten pounds of sliced potatoes, rea...


i don't know what i am doing when i saw english reading part b2 当我看英语阅读b2部分时我不知道我要做什么 这里的现在进行时表示一般将来时



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